March 10, 2009

One Fewer Frog in the Forest

Research by Karen Lips and others on amphibian declines in Central America has made clear that the scope of these declines is unprecedented in modern times. In recent years dozens and perhaps hundreds of Central American amphibian species are thought to have been driven to extinction by the amphibian chytrid fungus. The following article provides a glimpse at one of those amphibians, the Panamanian golden frog. This species is a national icon in Panama but is now believed to be extinct in the wild (link). The only individuals still in existence are those housed in a captive breeding facility in Central America. For additional information about this iconic species, check out

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  1. The April issue of National Geographic Magazine features a compelling article on the world's frog populations and their struggle with the deadly fungal disease chytrid. You can check out the story and see a gallery of vanishing amphibians at