March 30, 2009

Global Amphibian Declines - The Movie

During the past year filmmaker Allison Argo and her team have been traveling around the world to film declining amphibians and find out from scientists what can being done about it. In addition to filming in Panama and the southeastern U.S., Allison's team also spent a few days with my research group while we conducted research on Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs in Yosemite National Park. The resulting film, "Frogs: The Thin Green Line" will be shown for the first time on April 5 (this Sunday) on PBS. Allison's previous films on amphibian declines (The Last Frog), declining shorebirds (Crash: A Tale of Two Species), and other wildlife-related topics were extraordinarily good, so I suspect that this latest film will be well worth watching. Hopefully Allison didn't include the footage of me falling into the pond.... On 3/31,the film's creators posted a podcast from "behind the scenes". Check it out.

If you do watch the film, feel free to post your reviews and thoughts here.

Now to the task of finding a friend who owns a TV....

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