April 18, 2011

With Spring Come New Frog Reintroductions

On April 14, biologists from the USGS and the San Diego Zoo released another batch of Rana muscosa egg masses that were laid in captivity. This effort is part of an effort to breed this endangered species in captivity and reintroduce the progeny into the wild in southern California. For more information, check out this link. This reintroduction effort was begun last year and I'm curious to hear the results of last year's egg mass reintroductions. With any luck, there should be some second-year tadpoles swimming around out there this year. 

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  1. Any chance these were released in different areas, and maybe trying to treat them differently for Bd in advance?

    I don't know if there is Bd where they were planted.

  2. So far, all captive-bred animals have been released at a single location. No effective anti-Bd treatments have yet been developed.